Sorry no pictures of this pull. The winners were.

4 year olds: 1st Bo Elliott                        5 year olds: 1st  Shannon Lehman

2nd Ava Elliott                                                                     2nd Deacon Mogg

3rd Isabella Valenzuela                                                     3rd Lillian Laney

6 year olds:  1st   Robert Sterly                   7 year olds: 1st   Matthaw Federico                

                          2nd  Tristan Dune Vant                                  2nd Danille Wilcox

                          3rd    Andrew Elliott                                        3rd Jonah  Ervin

8 year olds: 1st Zach  Mogg                             9 year olds: 1st Trevor Meyeir

                         2nd Garret Owens                                                 2nd Robert Cornell

                          3rd Damian Loya                                                  3rd Justin Ringle

10 year olds: 1st Jissica Wiseman               11 year olds: 1st  David Janetski

                            2nd  Bryce Dangler

                             3rd  Daminik Fedrico

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