ROSEBUSH 4th of JULY 7/2/2011

Sorry we have no pictures from this pull.
The winners were:
Age 4 & under: 1st Bo Elliot, 2nd Ella Reid, 3rd Brooklyn Dangler.
Age 5: 1st Bobby Holstrom, 2nd Paige Sain, 3rd Eliy Simmer.
Age 6: 1st Lillie Laney, 2nd Amber Bannard, 3rd Caden Anderson.
Age 7: 1st Mackenzie Holstrom.
Age 8: 1st Madison Halfmann.
Age 9: 1st Jake Mogg, 2nd Garrett Owens, 3rd Aidan Benedict.
Age 10: 1st Marcus Lynch.
Age 11: 1st Bryce Dangler, 2nd Cody Perry, 3rd Jesse Dunevant.
Age 12: 1st Ethan Mogg

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