brown city 2013 004 brown city 2013 002 brown city 2013 003 brown city 2013 005 brown city 2013 006 brown city 2013 011 brown city 2013 010 brown city 2013 009 brown city 2013 008 brown city 2013 013brown city 2013 007Our 2013 season started of with a great pull in Brown City.  We had great weather, great help, great area to work in and above all great pullers and parents.

Thanks to THE LITTLE TEXAS PARTY STORE for sponsoring the pull this year.

The winners were: age 4& under  Ryan Raetz with a full pull.

age 5: Allyson Jahnke with a full pull.

age 6: Charlie Childers with 3 full pulls.

age 7: Reise Lonnborg with a full pull.

age 8: Devin Smith with 2 full pulls.

age 9: Kayla Copeland>

age 10: Brady Mc Cardle with 2  full pulls.

age 11: Kaylee Woolman.

age 12: Angelina Bothwell.

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