PULLIN’ for KIDS – Clarksville, MI July 13, 2013

elsie & clarksville 011 elsie & clarksville 014 elsie & clarksville 015 elsie & clarksville 017 elsie & clarksville 018 elsie & clarksville 019 elsie & clarksville 020 elsie & clarksville 021 elsie & clarksville 022 elsie & clarksville 023 elsie & clarksville 024 elsie & clarksville 025 elsie & clarksville 026 elsie & clarksville 027One of the joys of our 30 years of  Pedal TractorPulling  has been meeting new people and making new friends.  This weekend we had the pleasure of being part of the PULLIN’ FOR KIDS benefit for spinal cord tumor  cure research. Their goal for this year’s campaign is to raise $125,000 to fund the research grant for this research.  It makes us feel good to see an entire community work together towards such a worth project. 

We want to thank  the volunteers who assisted  in our part of the event and compliment the “big” tractor pullers, people involved in the silent auction,  food providers and everyone who made it a successful day.  We  thank  “Wyatt’s Cord Foundation” for inviting us to be a part of this year’s event.  Bob & Doris Wood      

The winners of the Pedal Pull were:

Age 4: 1st Jackson Coe with a full pull & 3505. 2nd Eli Baldwin with a full pull & 3408. Jacob Everett, Mascon Rozema, Sebastian Nickels & Lukas Noah all had a full pull.

Age 5: 1st Wyatt Shellenburger. 2nd Cole Shellenbarger.

Age 6: 1st Case Shellenbarger. 2nd Logan Faulkner.

Age 7: 1st Dakota Poling. 2nd Maia Moser

Age 8: 1st Jay Braswell with a full pull. 2nd Scarlett Grinage.

Age 9: 1st Joe Swanson. 2nd Cort Zylstra & Justin Cross.

Age 10: 1st. Sophia Fuss. 2nd Elliott Kelley.

Age 11: 1st Isabell Zylstra

Age 12:1st Trace Spencer. 2nd Ethan Kelley.

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