marlette&[onia2013 001 marlette&[onia2013 002 marlette&[onia2013 003 marlette&[onia2013 004 marlette&[onia2013 005 marlette&[onia2013 006 marlette&[onia2013 007 marlette&[onia2013 008 marlette&[onia2013 009 marlette&[onia2013 010 marlette&[onia2013 010The Marlette pull was back in the Park this year. It was a nice  day and the committee and the Donleys were great help and sponsors for the pull.  You could say Pedal Pulling has gone to the dogs. As we had a dog pull with us today.  The winners were:

Age 4:Ally Jahnke with a full pull & 2903. Brady Donley also had a full pull & 2812.

Age 5: Thomas Skakle.

Age 6: Turlough Bennett with a full pull & 3500. Elijah Sartin & Jeremah Anderson also had full pulls.

Age 7:Tyler Chrivia with A FULL PULL.

Age 8: Kayla Freeland with a full pull & 3600. Manus Bennett also had a full pull.

Age 9: Arlya Kenny had a full pull & 2606. Jordan Russell & Taylor Donley also had full pulls.

Age 10: Emma Lentz with a full pull.

Age 11: Paul Durell with 2 full pulls. Devin Williamson also had a full pull.

Age 12: Logan Narcon.

Dog of unknown age also had a full pull.

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