alpena2013 wed 010 alpena2013 wed 009 alpena2013 wed 008 alpena2013 wed 007 alpena2013 wed 006 alpena2013 wed 005 alpena2013 wed 004 alpena2013 wed 003 alpena2013 wed 002 alpena2013 wed 001The winners at the Alpena Fair this year on

Wed. were:

Age 4: 1ST Skylar Cook.

2nd  Billy Jack Donald

3rd Aurora Fletcher

4th  Chloe Manning.

Age 5: 1st Ethan Bradbury.

2nd Aaron Cook.

3rd Eli Delling.

4th Trinity Hoainski.

Age 6: 1st Shawn Martel with a full pull & 3908.

2nd Trevor Ristau with a full pull & 3800.

3rd  Noah Keenan.

4th  Colin Mc Grath.

Age 7: 1st Chase Tolsdorf.

2nd  Colt Moggil.

3rd  Shane Tomcheck.

4th  Josie Howard.

Age 8: 1st Jaden Marchlewski with a full pull & 2409.

2nd  John Zbytowski with a full pull & 2304.

3rd  Silas Bastow.

4th  Jasmine Ellsworth.

Age 9: 1st Jacob Foust with a full pull.

2nd  Cameron Kobbe.

3rd  D‘jaun Van Acker.

4th  Alison Hosinski.

Age 10: 1st Logan Martell.

2nd  Jacob Foust.

3rd  Riley Justine.

4th Kaylee Pyscher.

Age 11: 1st  Eric Slosser.

2nd  George Boden.

3rd  Dustin Zbytowski.

4th  Dakota Justice.

Age 12: 1st Damen Mc Call.

2nd  Jarrett Paul.

3rd  Eric Wolfgang.

4th  Hunter Nichol.

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