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The winners at the Jackson county Fair this year


Age 4: 1ST Brad Weir.

2nd  Brynn deGlee.

Age 5: 1st Will Thompson

2nd Bennett Jones.

Age 6: 1st Gage Slider.

Age 7: 1st Maya McCorkle.

2nd Alex Weir

Age 8: 1st Garrett Slider.

Age 9: 1st Ben Moore.

2nd  Matt Schneider

Age 10: 1st Riley Gannona.

2nd Adam Owen. 

Age 11: 1st Nicholas Sherwood with a full pull.

Age 12: 1st Kyle Owen with a full pull.

Age 14: 1st  Jon Lutchka with a full pull & 2602

Age 16: 1st  Kris Sherwood with a full pull.

Age 17:1st  Allen Schneider with 2 full pulls.

2nd Doug Sherwood with a full pull & 3600.

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