ARMADA WED. 2013 003

ARMADA WED. 2013 005

ARMADA WED. 2013 006

ARMADA WED. 2013 007

ARMADA WED. 2013 008

ARMADA WED. 2013 009

ARMADA WED. 2013 010

ARMADA WED. 2013 011

ARMADA WED. 2013 012

We were greatly honored today to be presented with a plaque of appreciation and recognition for our commitment of over 20 years to the Armada Fair,  from the Armada  Agricultural   Society. Thank You very much.

The winners at the Armada Fair this year  on Wednesday were:

Age 4: 1ST Stosh Bertovich.

Age 5: 1st  Jack Jones.

Age 6: 1st  Rocco Panichella.

Age 7: 1st  Oliver Harris with a full pull.

Age 8:  1st Justin Schapman .

Age 9: 1st  Nathan Schapman.

Age 10: 1st  Evan Covert with a full pull & 3305.

Brenden Eggert, Nathan Mozal, Bella Gielniak & Andrew Skornicka also had a full pull.

Age 11: 1st Brenden Fecteau.

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