HOLY TRINTY 2013 010

HOLY TRINTY 2013 009

HOLY TRINTY 2013 008

HOLY TRINTY 2013 007

HOLY TRINTY 2013 006

HOLY TRINTY 2013 005

HOLY TRINTY 2013 004

HOLY TRINTY 2013 003

HOLY TRINTY 2013 002

HOLY TRINTY 2013 001

The winners this year at Holy Trinity Church were:

Age 4: 1ST Boys Sebastian Nickles with 2 full pulls.

Lance Anderson, Blaise Gavin, Simon Kelly also had 1 full pull.

Age 4: 1st Girls Grace North with a full pull.

Age 5: 1st Boys Adam Lamach with a full pull & 3612.

Jacob Timmer & Owen Karras also had full pulls.

Age 5: 1st Girls Murron Henderson.

Age 6: 1st Boys George Ellis with a full pull.

Age 6: 1st  Girls Kaylee Alvarez.

Age 7: 1st Boys Joshua Mitchell.

Age 7: 1st Girls Kendyle Zittel with a full pull.

Age 8: 1st Boys Timmy Kloska.

Age 8: 1st Girls Bella Henderson with a full pull & 3215.

Kelly Walski also had a full pull.

Age 9: 1st Boys Jacob North.

Age 9: 1st Girls Emma Ammerman.

Age 10: 1st Boys Kyle Kloska with a full pull.

Age 10: 1st Girls Maddie Lyals with  2 full pull & 2707.

Chailyn Horta also had 2 full pulls & 2600.

Payton Zittel & Emily  Kloska had 1 full pull.

Age 11: 1st Boys Justin Gardner.

Age 11: 1st Girls Morgan Willis.

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