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We had a great day in our old HOME TOWN. They had a very nice parade on a picture perfect day.
After the parade we moved to the park and watched the Oehrlein Dancers perform. We have included some pictures of dancers in this Post. Then it was time for the Pedal Pull and here are the winners:
Age 4 and under: Reighly Watters.
Age 5: Allyson Jahnke.
Age 6: Mia Quintano with a full pull & 40. Kaden Stevens & Jack Stafford had full pulls also.
Age 7: Jordon McCormich.
Age 8:Tyler Chrivia with a full pull.
Age 9: Jacob Bruman.
Age 10: Tristan Creighton with 2 full pulls & 29. Taylor Donley also had 2 full pulls & 21.
Age 11: Casey Kirkpatrick.
Age 12: Byron Wolf.

Thanks to the Donley Family for donating the trophies and for all their help.

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