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The winners at the Lake of the North were:

Age 2: 1ST Evie Larson.

Age 4: 1ST Robert Powder.

2ND Lily Larson.

3rd Xavier Embree.

Age 6: 1ST Kylee Carter.

2ND Elli Mc Connell.

Age 7: 1ST Randi Hikerson.

Age 8: 1st Gunner Perge.

2nd William Powder.

3RD Holly.

Age 9: 1ST Vada Majava.

2nd Landon Thurston.

3RD Austain Vanwort.

Age 10: 1ST Reegan Rohman with a full pull .

2nd Rafe.

Age 11 1ST Colden Perge.

2nd Haley Davis.

Age 12: 1ST Kelsey Davis.

2ND Willow.

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