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It was a great day for a Pedal Pull in Sandusky.  Ever puller received a prize from Tri County. I will list the pullers that went the furthest in each group.

3 year olds: George Jones with a full pull.

4 year olds: Brody Coultson & Griffin Hous both had full pulls.

5 year olds: Charles Jones & Carter Keineth  both had full pulls.

6 year olds: Blake Oswald had a full pull.

7 year olds: Scott Wenger, Nick Williamson & Jenel Keineth all had full pulls.

8 year olds: Ellie Ross.

9 year olds: Joey Burns with a Full Pull.

10 year olds: Mason Cambell.

11 year olds: Kevin Nielsen with a full pull.

12 year olds: Jacob Dehtena.

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