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North Branch sure knows how to celebrate the 4th. The weather was perfect the Parade  was  great and we had a great group of pullers for the Pedal Pull. The Trophy winners were:

Age4: Christopher Butler with a full pull & 26.03. Cooper Moore also had a full pull & 22.10.

Age 5: Vance Otto.

Age 6: Blake Oswald.

Age 7: Savannah Douglas.

Age 8: Makayla Bruman with a full pull &20.12. Ben Zissler also had a full pull & 20.10.

Age 9: Eli Bickel with a full pull.

Age 10: Maci Kaake with a full pull & 34.02. Dillan Adamic and Arthur Stilson both had full pull also.

Age 11: Cody Hancock.

Age 12: Mason Mc Lean.

Thanks to the Deshetsky family for sponsoring the pull again this year.


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