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We had a great day at this years Pullin for Kids. The committee provided extra medallions so we were able to have a class for 3 year olds. We also gave everyone that got a full pull a first place medal. The winners were:

Age 3: 1st Luke Shellenbarger. 2nd Taylor Craig.

Age 4: 1st Abigail Klan full pull &30.12, Jacob Rogalski full pull & 29.03 and Elliott Kalm full pull & 17.11. 2nd Remi Jo Kelly.

Age 5: 1st Gavin Daggett. 2nd Silas Nobel.

Age 6: 1st Eli Shellenbarger. 2nd Hailey Craig.

Age 7: 1st Max Seelye & Graysi Hillard. 2nd Galige Hillard.

Age 8: 1st Wyatt Shellenbarger with a full pull. 2nd JJ Seelye.

Age 9: 1st Riley Johnson with a full pull & 33.06 and Audrey Hillard with a full pull & 20.06. 2nd Emmett Kelley.

Age 10: 1st Dylan Black with a full pull & 24.05, Noah Moser with a full pull & 24.02 and Wyatt Fuss with a full pull & 22.01. 2nd Jaselynn Casper.

Age 11: 1st Kayla Seelye.

Age 12: 1st Jenna Casper.

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One Comment on “PULLIN FOR KIDS JULY 9, 2016”

  1. Mark Lange Says:

    Looks like it was an awesome event!

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