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These are the winners from Wilderness:
Age 6: 1st Wyatt Wilson
2nd Addison Bornemenn.
Age 8: Lily Wilson.
Age 10: Clay Lachcik.

These are the winners at Rifle River:
Age 4: 1st Jayce Spearman.
Age 5: 1st Eric Pacolic.
2nd Ramsey Suchodolski.
3rd Adrianna Hair.
Age 6: 1st Silas Patten.
Age 7: 1st William Albay.
Age 9: 1st Sam Patten.
Age 10: 1st Tre Tilmon.
Age 11: 1st Nathan Cotton.Judge Kane.
Age 12: 1st John Katt.
Age 14: 1st Cosi Tilman.
Age 16: 1st Adam Kane.
Age 17: 1st James Kane.
2nd Will Kane.

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