berlinfair2018 002berlinfair2018 003berlinfair2018 004berlinfair2018 005berlinfair2018 006berlinfair2018 007berlinfair2018 008berlinfair2018 009We had a great Pull at the Berlin Fair today. The winners are:
4 and under: Caroline Pike with a full pull & 38.12. Andilynn Kelly , Charlie Thoms, Joslyn Kreger, Aiden Schoenberg & Rylie Kober also had a full pulls.
5: Danny Gould.
6: Marisol Zuniga with a full pull & 38.12. Riley Westveld also had a full pull.
7: Ella Pike.
8: Gage Hassevort with a full pull & 37.1. Nolan Trick had a full pull & 36.
9: Eniery Kriethoff with a full pull.
10:Charles Porterfield with a full pull.
11:Ethen Burgtorf with a full pull & 34.2 Kylie Killebrew had a full pull & 25.2.
12: Carder Burgtorf.

Thanks to are good help and Burnips for sponsoring the pull.

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