The winners on Friday were:
Age 4: 1ST Jase Haddix with a full pull & 18.02.
2nd Joey Jyaczyszyn with a full pull & 17.01.
3rd Cooper Smith with a full pull & 15.10.

Age 5: 1st Joseph Sebashian.
2nd Harley Salgot.
3rd Alizah Baker.

Age 6: 1st J. T. Gerald Schweihofer with 2 full pulls.
2nd Caleb Case with a full pull & 37.1.
3rd Shane Powers with a full pull & 35.

Age 7: 1st Ben Teichow.
2nd Talan Shattuck.
3rd Phillip Stumpfig

Age 8: 1st Jayden Johnston.
2nd Cain Selby.

Age 9: 1st Morgan Trazee with 2 full pulls.
2nd Ellie Ries with a full pull & 39.14.
3rd Moe Jones with a full pull & 36.1
Age 10: 1st Morgan Prive with 2 full pulls.
2nd Abrigail Case with a full pull & 37.06.
3rd Madison Dwyer with a full pull & 28.1.

Age 11: 1st Phoebe with a full pull & 38.
2nd Wyatt Peters with a full pull & 26.04
3rd Johanna Smafield with a full pull & 25.08.

Age 12: 1st Holly Pavey.
2nd Tucker Jones .
3rd Garrett Schroeder.

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