BAY COUNTY 8/6/2019

The winners at the Bay County Fair this year
Age 2: 1st Jayce Fodo.
2nd Rylee French.

Age 3: 1st Willy Bauman.

Age 4: 1ST Jaxson Lynch.

Age 5: 1st Gavin Fodo with a full pull.
2nd: Lucas Ayres.

Age 6: 1st Ty Jenkins.

Age 7: 1st Hadley with a full pull .
2nd Sophia Black.

Age 8: 1st Jerry.
2nd Selasi.
3rd Olivet Bauman.

Age 10: 1st. Lilah Amshan with a full pull.
2nd Loekyn French.

Age 12: 1st Angela Johnson with a full pull.
2nd 2nd Laceya Logan.

And a great big thanks to Grant for all his help.

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