OTSEGO2019 002
Sorry some of the pictures would not load.

The winners at the Otsego County Fair this year
Age 4: 1ST Sawyer Brege with a full pull.
2nd Kailey Mason.
3rd Miguel.

Age 5: 1st John Mason.
2nd Anna Greenman.

Age 6: 1st Cooper Babbitt.
2nd Alex Hodge.
3rd Emmalynn Pousho.

Age 7: 1st Amber Cook.
2nd Cooper Vieau.
3rd Steve Lemon.

Age 8: 1st Antonio Cousins with a full pull.
2nd Ryder Gallott.
3rd Payton Pousho.

Age 9: 1st Haydon with a full pull.
2nd Lane.
3rd Andrea Cook.

Age 10: 1st Hunter.

Age 11: 1st Ann Zielinski with a full pull & 35.12.
2nd Austin Cook with a full pull & 26.1.
3rd Mathan OLson.

Age 12: 1st Isabel Wingo.
It was good to work with Dynamite again this year. And thanks for the good help.

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