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The winners at the Hudsonville Fair  this year were:

Age 4: 1ST Arin klinger with a full pull &2808.

2nd  Hudson Vbennekow with a full pull & 2700.

3rd Levi Jablonski with a full pull & 2505.

4th Nash Devries with a full pull & 1708.

5th Sebastian Nickels with a full pull & 2505.

Age 5: 1st Grant Landheer.

2nd Eli Baldwin.

3rd Grady Machiele.

4th Nash Vruggink.

5th MalachI Verstraete.

Age 6: 1st Landen Jaarsma.

2nd Tyler Simon.

3rd  Oliver Oberth.

4th  Clayton Tripp.

5th Tie Andrew Sterk & Kyle Killebrew.

Age 7: 1st Bradley Rillema.

2nd  Nathan Brower .

3rd  Luke Rhodes.

4th  Rylan Nykamp.

5th  Wyatt Boersen.

Age 8: 1st Nathan Van Timmer with a full pull & 2907

2nd Chloe Eggleston with a full pull & 2810.

3rd Kaden Ykema with a full pull & 2712.

4th Sierra Weener with a full pull & 2400.

5th Natalie Vis with a full pull & 2312.

Age 9: 1st Emily Vis.

2nd Ashton Vander Mark.

3rd Seth Dykema.

4th Della Jonio.

5th Grace Evans.

Age 10: 1st Joanna Schout.

2nd Emma Bowen.

3rd Ally Van Timmeren.

4th Eliot Darby.

5th Blaise Adams.

Age 11: 1st  Leah Dykema.

2nd Dawson Vruggink.

3rd Whit Lewis.

4th Brennan Verstraete.

5th Jake Vander Molen.


Age 12: 1st Jordan Schout.

2nd Cody De Young.

3rd Laura Kaptien.

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