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The winners at the Sanilac County Fair this year were:

Age 4: 1ST Blaine Abbott with a full pull.
2nd Allyson.
3rd Kyla Lentner.
4th Nyatt Fleming.
5th Jackson Lonnburg.
6th Ryder Fleming.

Age 5: 1st Corbin Sharbuwski with a full pull.
2nd Carter Gonzalez.
3rd Memphis Bombard.
4th Max Kern.
5th Olivia Lonnburg.
6th Sean Holman.

Age 6: 1st Joey Burns with 2 full pulls. Tyler Bush & Aiden Whybrew had full pulls and received Blue Ribbons.
2nd Chance Massop.
3rd Connor Burgess.
4th Bennan Stull.
5th Colton Oswald.
6th Skyler Smith.

Age 7: 1st Tyler Chrivia with a full pull.
2nd Conner Vanlerberghe.
3rd Austin Myrkle.
4th Nathan Winchester.
5th Leah Kern.

Age 8: 1st Caleb Lenter with a full pull & 2710. Carley Kalbfleisch, Kris Kosal, Brady Davison & Brady Sharbowski had full pulls and received Blue Ribbons.
2nd Christopher Oswald.
3rd Reise Lonnburg.
4th Taylor Molesworth.
5th Zack Reid.
6th Jackson Kaitanys.

Age 9: 1st Nicholas Vanlerberghue.
2nd Annisa Smith .
3rd Austin Whybrew.
4th Hailey Mausulf.
5th Jimmy Holman.
6th Alyssa Tank.

Age 10: 1st Jessica Winchester.

Age 11: 1st Michael Mausulf.

Age 12: 1st Ricky Burns with a full pull & 3412. Trever Kursinsky also had a full pull & received a Blue Ribbon.
2nd Tristan Tank.

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