The Pull in Otter Lake was a good group of pullers again this year.
The winners were:
Age 2 :1st Brycen Oliver
Age 4: 1st Janessa with a full pull
Age 5: 1st Kabriel Johnson with a full pull &37.03. Sparrow Yates, Daniel Rau, Gillicane, all had a full pull.
Age 6: 1st Zaden with a full pull & 38.01. Kannon Johnson also had a full pull.
Age 7: 1st Eddie Law with a full pull.
Age 8: 1st Reagan Walker.
Age 9: 1st Joshua.
Age 10: 1st Brycion.
Age 13: 1st Norman West.

Thanks to the Mayville Bank for sponsoring the pull again this year.

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