The winners on Thursday were:
Age 4: 1ST Beau Teichaw w/a full pull & 22.06
2nd Mallory Schott w/a full pull & 15.08.
3rd Drake Izwerski w/a full pull & 12.08..

Age 5: 1st Zak Gentner.
2nd Jase Haddix.
3rd Richard Smafield.

Age 6: 1st Kensley Devooghy.
2nd Allizah Baker.

Age 7: 1st D0uglas Crawford.
2nd Luke O‘toole.
3rd Emma Shafer.

Age 8: 1st Kane Schott w/a full pull & 31.
2nd Ben Teichaw w/a full pull & 28.03
3rd Tie Talan Shattuck & Quaid Ott w /a full pull & 25..

Age 9: 1st Havanna Byerly.
2nd Grace Shafer.

Age 10: 1st Caneron Lohr with a\ full pull & 27.03.
2nd Ava Dove w/a full pull & 23.
3rd Caiden Lohr with a full pull & 36.05.

Age 11: 1st Morgan Pavey w/ afull pull. C
2nd Caiden Lohr.
3rd Jonathan Shafer.

Age 12: 1st Johanna with a full pull & 27.02 & 34.06.
2nd Conner Dore with a full pull & 27.02 & 32.02

Thanks to Christopher and Crystle’s family for all the good help both days.

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