The winners on Friday were:
Age 4: 1ST Mallory Schottw/a full pull.
2nd tie Vivienne Bowen & Emily Ries.
3rd Alyvia Grone.

Age 5: 1st Everett Hagemiester w/a full pull & 35.02.
2nd Richard Smafield w/a full pull & 27.05.
3rd Joseph Jurezyszyn w/a full pull & 27.03.

Age 6: 1st Maddix Grieb.
2nd Alizah Baker.

Age 7: 1st Brody Stott w/a full pull & 40.04.
2nd JT Schweihofer w/a full pull & 38.04.
3rd TY Michel..

Age 8: 1st Kane w/ 2 full pulls & 37.
2nd Jaxson Avery w/ 2 full pulls & 33.06.
3rd Wesley Haddix.

Age 9: 1st Bryce Cummins.
2nd Matthew Smith.
3rd Jaxon Hagenmiester.

Age 10: 1st Paige Thorpe.
2nd Theodore Sladowski.
3rd Aleana Smafield.

Age 11: 1st Mogan Pavey w/ a full pull & 24.08. C
2nd Ayden Cummins w/a full pull & 21.13.
3rd Jonathan Shafer

Age 12: 1st Phoebe Clark with a full pull & 39.12.
2nd Johanna Smafield with a full pull & 20.11.

Thanks to everyone for your help on a very hot night.

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